Saturday, December 24, 2011

England Photo Journal

(Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke and Me)

Our three week stay in England has come to an end and what a time we had. From the cities of London and Bath to the small seaside town of Crackington, we met wonderful people, saw beautiful places and got to reunite with many lovely faces. Highlights: tea and pints with friends in London, hiking the sloping green walk ways on the coast of Cornwall, biking down (not so much up) the hills of Bath. Cornish pasties, fast drivers, seeing a blue sky, and all the gracious people along the way.


Laura said...

Fabulous photos!!
Love the tea cups and purple berries.
Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos looks like you are having an incredible journey. Can't wait to see pics from Paris, my favorite place in the world!
Quinn (and of course Eamon and Nola who love to see what you guys are doing on your big trip!)

jessejamespoker said...

Love the photos. wishing you two a very happy and wonderful new year. lots of great adventures yet to come for both of you... much love ... uncle jimmy