Saturday, April 28, 2012


 Finally its spring!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monoski World Championship

Last week Thomas competed in the Monoski world Championship 2012 in Val D'isere. Although he didn't take home the trophy we had lots of fun getting 90's uped and drinking wine in the snow. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


(Photos from

I ran into these gems at an open air market in Milan and after a month still cant get them out of my mind. in this particular market every third booth sold designer good at a "cheaper" price, but sadly they were still way out of my price rang so i walked away empty handed.... Ahh the ones that got away.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round Red

I never thought I would own a bright red leather bag until I laid my eyes upon this one in Modica, Sicily. The shop was owned by a local couple and was filled with beautiful, colorful, handmade leather goods. Being a total sucker for handmade leather,  I couldn't leave without at least adding a bag to my collection. The stitching initially caught my eye, then as I handled it I noticed details like the closure loop and the contrast of the bright red and brown. When my camera fit snug in the large pocket, I knew it was coming with me!

These photos were taken on an overnight ferry we took from Catania, Sicily to Naples. I woke up at dawn and stretched out on three seats with a full glass (plastic cup) of red wine next to my head. After listening to truckers snore for awhile, i got up and took a stroll around deck looking for a much needed coffee. The morning light was incredible on the Tyrrhenian, with a warm breeze and smooth passage as we sailed past the island of Capri and into the bay of Naples. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter in The Alps

What a perfect Easter weekend in the Alps complete with a purple wall of flowers, paddle boating around lake Annesy and wonderful company.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snippets of Sicily

 My ladies in the meditterian sun
 My new piece of finger armor 

 (Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke and Me.)

These are some moments of my last adventure in Sicily. A beautiful seafoam gate in Erice, a medieval town in the clouds. Night and day shots of Ceflu from an ancient pier. My new hat bargained off the head old man at a Palermo flea market. Palm frawn umbrellas at Donnalucita beach. A red leather bag purchased from a leather designer in Modica. My first fossil find, and a bunch of wildflowers picked by Thomas on our hike out of Cava Grande.

I had the most amazing time traveling the coast of Sicily this past month. We visited churches and catacombs, hiked volcanos, read and soaked up sun on the beach. Toured vineyards and hectic street markets, picnicked at ancient castles, and picked wildflowers along a gorgeous canyon hike. Enjoying truly blissful days walking, talking,  but more notably enjoying healthy Sicilian fair and sipping (cheap) local wines. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bellisimo Capri

 View from Anacapri 
 Lazing in the sun wearing Capri made sunglasses that seem to be glued to my face these days.
 Lemons everywhere!
 Some of the most spectacular ocean I have ever seen

 Staring out to sea

(Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke and Me)

At the end of our stay in Italy we decided to hop a ferry to Capri where I fell hard for the little island. On Capri it seems colors are brighter and more vibrant, smells stronger and fresher with lemons growing everywhere you look. Wandering through the narrow streets and whitewashed buildings of the island you find artists galore. Many making traditional greek sandals, iron workers forging villa gates,  some spinning and painting pottery, exceptional glass art, and even an artisan sunglass shop.  Half the island doesn't allow cars, and hiking/walking trails zigzag across the entire thing. Maybe i'm bias but I find islands to be the most peaceful relaxing places in the world.

We spent four days on this blissful little island, hiking, eating, shopping, mopeding around (haha yes I drove a ped), and soaking up the mediterranean sun. Something of a dream