Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snippets of Sicily

 My ladies in the meditterian sun
 My new piece of finger armor 

 (Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke and Me.)

These are some moments of my last adventure in Sicily. A beautiful seafoam gate in Erice, a medieval town in the clouds. Night and day shots of Ceflu from an ancient pier. My new hat bargained off the head old man at a Palermo flea market. Palm frawn umbrellas at Donnalucita beach. A red leather bag purchased from a leather designer in Modica. My first fossil find, and a bunch of wildflowers picked by Thomas on our hike out of Cava Grande.

I had the most amazing time traveling the coast of Sicily this past month. We visited churches and catacombs, hiked volcanos, read and soaked up sun on the beach. Toured vineyards and hectic street markets, picnicked at ancient castles, and picked wildflowers along a gorgeous canyon hike. Enjoying truly blissful days walking, talking,  but more notably enjoying healthy Sicilian fair and sipping (cheap) local wines. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, reflecting a beautiful soul