Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bellisimo Capri

 View from Anacapri 
 Lazing in the sun wearing Capri made sunglasses that seem to be glued to my face these days.
 Lemons everywhere!
 Some of the most spectacular ocean I have ever seen

 Staring out to sea

(Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke and Me)

At the end of our stay in Italy we decided to hop a ferry to Capri where I fell hard for the little island. On Capri it seems colors are brighter and more vibrant, smells stronger and fresher with lemons growing everywhere you look. Wandering through the narrow streets and whitewashed buildings of the island you find artists galore. Many making traditional greek sandals, iron workers forging villa gates,  some spinning and painting pottery, exceptional glass art, and even an artisan sunglass shop.  Half the island doesn't allow cars, and hiking/walking trails zigzag across the entire thing. Maybe i'm bias but I find islands to be the most peaceful relaxing places in the world.

We spent four days on this blissful little island, hiking, eating, shopping, mopeding around (haha yes I drove a ped), and soaking up the mediterranean sun. Something of a dream

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