Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Val D'isere

(Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke and Me)
We have settled in Val D'isere a little mountain town in the french alps. Everyday i wake up pull back the curtains to my balcony overlooking the mountain and my mind is blown. Around me snow is piled 4+ feet, the sky is bluer then blue, and the mountain awaits. I am one truly lucky girl. Next week we are taking a little trip to Berlin can't wait!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


(Photos by Thomas Van Hollebeke)
I just found this awesome little shop/ brand in Val D'isere called Planks. They make a verity of t-shirts with fun sayings like "drop cliffs not bombs" and beanies like the one i'm wearing in these photos. They are an English brand but have opened their first shop in Val D'isere France. I would love to spread this small brand to the states starting with hats. If anyone is interested email me at Randi.kenworthy@gmail.com,  hats start at 30$ they come in many colors and styles and are lined in polar fleece. In my opinion they are the perfect hat for winter. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paris Photo Journal Part l

 Our beautiful Christmas dinner
(Photo by Thomas Van Hollebeke and me)

I love Paris, what a wonderful sparkling city, I could have spent weeks roaming around the winding cobblestone streets eating french onion soup, sampling cheeses and drinking oh so much wine! With its perfect grim to glitter ratio, I cant wait to go back and keep exploring.